Lisa Maria Dellmuth and Jonas Tallberg (Stockholm): The Social Legitimacy of International Organizations: Interest Representation, Institutional Performance, and Cosmopolitan Identities. May it go to the heart: The story of Jewish prisoners performing Verdi’s Requiem at Terezin taught conductor Murry Sidlin just how powerful music can be. Andrew Clark reviews A History of Opera: The Last Four Hundred Years by Carolyn Abbate and Roger Parker. Indigenous to the hood: Leslie Jamison on Los Angeles's gang tours. Nine-year-old girl Sam Gordon plays football, kicks ass and maybe changes the world. An interview with Andrei S. Markovits, co-author of Sportista: Female Fandom in the United States. Do orchestras really need conductors? Shankar Vedantam investigates. From Intellectual Conservative, what would Jesus shoot? Jesus actually ordered the apostles to acquire swords. Jon Wiener on the largest mass execution in US history: Lincoln ordered the execution of thirty-eight Dakota Indians for rebellion — but never ordered the execution of Confederate officials or generals. Here are the top 25 Cracked articles of 2012.