A new issue of Columbia Political Review is out. Eric Lane (Hofstra): On Madison, Muslims, and the New York City Police Department. The conclusion is unavoidable: for women, at least, age trumps race — every time. Randy Rieland on the best inventions of 2012 you haven’t heard of yet (and part 2). Jacqueline Briggs reviews Young People and Politics: Political Engagement in the Anglo-American Democracies by Aaron J. Martin. What does a futurist do? Derek Woodgate explains. Matthew O’Brien on everything you need to know about the economy in 2012, in 34 charts. Cabinets of curiosity: Benjamin Breen on the Web as Wunderkammer (and more). Bruce Bartlett on how Democrats became liberal Republicans. Music, meaning and money: Robert Loss on the special ingredients of media and consumerism in pop. How one woman made budget scolding chic: Noam Scheiber profiles Maya MacGuineas, doyenne of debt. The 12 Months of Crazy: Roy Edroso on rightbloggers' greatest hits of 2012. You can download several articles from Democratization, a SAGE four-volume set, ed. Jean Grugel.