A new issue of the Latin American Review of Books is out. The inaugural issue of Brasiliana: Journal for Brazilian Studies is out, including Anthony Pereira (King’s College): Brazilian Studies Then and Now. Tamlyn Monson reviews The Rule of Law in Central America: Citizens’ Reactions to Crime and Punishment by Mary Fran T Malone. Jonny Gordon-Farleigh interviews Marina Stirin, author of Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism and Autonomy in Argentina. Dreaming of El Dorado: In La Rinconada, Peru, the highest human habitation in the world, legions of miners seek gold and one young girl seeks an education. The Nazi Cholo: A dangerous anti-Semitic movement is emerging in the land of Tupac Amaru and Vargas Llosa — the Andean Peru National Socialism Movement. Chavismo without Chavez? Venezuela is at a “major inflection point”. Nyki Salinas-Duda on how Latin America’s left turn collides with indigenous movements. For indigenous peoples in Latin America, land rights are only half the battle. Felipe Cruz reviews Conquistadors of the Sky: A History of Aviation in Latin America by Dan Hagedorn. A report finds Latin America is increasingly middle class. A survey ranks Latin Americans as the happiest people on planet.