A new issue of Strategic Studies Quarterly is out. Michael N. Schmitt (NW): Classification [Of Conflict] in Future Conflict. Kai A. Konrad and Florian Morath (Max Planck): Evolutionary Determinants of War. Geoffrey S. Corn (South Texas): Geography of Armed Conflict: Why It is a Mistake to Fish for the Red Herring. Kieran Oberman (UCD): War and Poverty. Jens David Ohlin (Cornell): Is Jus in Bello in Crisis? Giovanni Distefano (Neuchatel): Wither Away State Right to Wage War Unilaterally. Geoffrey S. Corn (South Texas) and Laurie R. Blank (Emory): The Laws of War: Regulating the Use of Force. Law and ethics for robot soldiers: Kenneth Anderson and Matthew Waxman on autonomous systems and the laws of war. What is war? Jill Long on a new point of view. Bonnie Docherty on the trouble with killer robots: Why we need to ban fully autonomous weapons systems, before it's too late. Are private military companies (PMCs) exempted from Geneva Conventions? The first casualty: Tom Palaima muses on truth's troubled relationship to the tales we tell about the heart of war. Gaynor Johnson reviews Embassies in Armed Conflict by Geoffrey Berridge.