Stefan Bechtold (ETH Zurich): The Fashion of TV Show Formats. Neha Bhat (American): Is “Something” Always Better than “Nothing”? A Critical Appraisal of the Prevention of Torture Bill, 2010. End of Byzantium: Besieged by a majority Turkish culture, Istanbul's Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I attempts a cosmopolitan revival. The first chapter from Boilerplate: The Fine Print, Vanishing Rights, and the Rule of Law by Margaret Jane Radin (and more). Would it change Zine Crush to know who edits it? In search of immortality: An interview with Stephen Valentine, a man with a plan to offer immortality to anyone prepared to put their faith in science. A short guide to upcoming referendums (and similar things): Scotland and Catalonia are the best-known examples of countries willing to call a vote on independence, but there is a longer list including Pacific islands and several autonomous territories. Would you date a robot? It seems pretty safe. From Politico, Kevin Cirilli on the 10 craziest stories of 2012. “Mobutu Sese Seko” on the odious tyranny of chain restaurant middle managers. The Appendix publishes the Prophecy of Benjamin, the Anti-Christ.