From Christianity Today, the “benevolent sexism” at Christian colleges: An interview with Brad Christerson, M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, and Shelly Cunningham, authors of Women Faculty at an Evangelical University: The Paradox of Religiously Driven Gender Inequalities and High Job Satisfaction; and what is the biggest change evangelical seminaries need to make right now? Dan Kimball, Cheryl Sanders, and Winfield Bevins on visions of the future. After D'Souza's departure, The King's College seeks doctrine over politics — and TKC isn't the only Christian school moving away from political conservatism. Is the Mormon Church spying on CollegeTimes in response to a recent article about Neumont University? Weeks after accepting a free, 217-acre campus in western Massachusetts, for-profit Christian university Grand Canyon University walks away from the gift. Peter Augustine Lawler on the state of American liberal education. Liam Kavanagh interviews Alasdair MacIntyre, author of God, Philosophy, Universities. Anne Hendershott on the upside-down world of Catholic higher education: Recent controversies at the University of San Diego underscore the prevalence and influence of dissent on Catholic campuses.