A new issue of Green Theory and Praxis Journal is out. Kristie Dotson and Kyle Powys Whyte (MSU): Environmental Justice, Social Invisibility and Unqualified Affectability. Helen Kopnina (The Hague): Toward Conservational Anthropology: Addressing Anthropocentric Bias in Anthropology. From Synthesis Philosophica, Zdenko Zeman and Marija Geiger (Ivo Pilar): Environmental Issues from Hollywood Perspective: Celluloid Utopias and Anthropocentric White Patriarchal Capitalism; and Tomaz Grusovnik (Primorska): Environmental Denial: Why We Fail to Change Our Environmentally Damaging Practices. What will it take to push back climate change? Eric Moll on protest tactics in a warming world. Christian Parenti explains why fossil-fuel divestment campaigns — now gaining popularity on college campuses — may be a costly distraction (and more). Can modern greens loosen nature’s grip on environmentalism? Keith Kloor on the great schism in the environmental movement. The introduction to The Wrath of Capital: Neoliberalism and Climate Change Politics by Adrian Parr. Humanity unbound: Indur M. Goklany on how fossil fuels saved humanity from nature and nature from humanity. Ronald Bailey on how to "spin" conservatives into worrying about the environment.