Norman Williams (Willamette): Why the National Popular Vote Compact is Unconstitutional. Is globalization to blame for the war on female sexuality? Tracy Clark-Flory interviews David Jacobson, author of Of Virgins and Martyrs: Women and Sexuality in Global Conflict. Daniel Altman on why we won’t stop mass killings: We like them too much. Stephen Muecke reviews Inquiry into the Modes of Existence by Bruno Latour. On vampire capitalism and the fear of inoculation: Eula Biss on why efforts to contain disease are often seen as conspiracies to sell vaccines. Joel Robbins reviews An Anthropology of Ethics by James Faubion. Playing Indian: Endemic issue of indigenous stereotyping back in the spotlight. David Berreby on how statistics about groups tell you nothing about individuals. The S.H.A.M.E. Project profiles Charles Murray. According to research in the journal Science, people tend to underestimate how much their personalities and tastes will change in the future. Bruce Bartlett on the good news about big, bad government. Encyclopedia of World Problems has a big one of its own. M. Asher Cantrell on 12 letters that didn’t make the alphabet.