A new issue of Journal of Transnational American Studies is out, including Amy Sara Carroll (Michigan): Global Mexico’s Coproduction: Babel, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Children of Men. Rachel Elizabeth VanLandingham (Stetson): Politics or Law? The Dual Nature of the Responsibility to Protect. From The New Yorker, David Remnick on the rise of Israel’s new religious right; and Southern discomfort: George Packer on why the region no longer speaks for America. For Republicans, the fiscal status quo is worse than a potential global meltdown, but even slightly higher revenue is worse than both. The Redskins name is really valuable, and really offensive — here’s how to fix it. Scott Lemieux on embracing the legacy of torture: John Brennan's nomination for head of the CIA shows the appalling extent to which the worst abuses of the post-9/11 security state have become institutionalized. David Cole on twelve questions for John Brennan. From Christianity Today, Laura Ortberg Turner on what Les Miserables reveals about modern women. A letter drafted by Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family (FOF), has been getting some attention on social media sites and blogs lately.