Linda Ross Meyer (Quinnipiac): Law's Suffering. Sylvie Maurer (Savoy): Mauritius: Interethnic Relations Through Rice and Rum. From Christianity Today, John J. Travis on why evangelicals should be thankful for Muslim insiders: Insider followers of Jesus may not have changed religions, but their lives have been changed by Christ; and Timothy C. Tennant on the hidden history of insider movements: For generations, Islam and Hinduism have had believers. Charles Fried and Frederick A.O. Schwarz on the filibuster myth: There are no legal or constitutional barriers to the Senate rewriting its filibuster rules with a simple majority vote. How Facebook can ruin study abroad: Cellphones and social media protect students from culture shock, and that's a loss. Lydia DePillis on how there's a war in cyberspace over icons vs. text. The long shadow of the founding: Aziz Rana reviews Liberty, State, and Union: The Political Theory of Thomas Jefferson by Luigi Bassani, To Secure the Liberty of the People: James Madison's Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court's Interpretation by Eric Kasper, and The Ideological Origins of American Federalism by Alison LaCroix.