Simon Glendinning (LSE): The End of the World Designed with Men in Mind. The special Ig Nobel issue of the Annals of Improbable Research is now out. From NYRB blog, Peter Singer and Agata Sagan on the death of Aaron Swartz. John Sunyer reviews Say What You Mean: The n+1 Anthology, ed. Christian Lorentzen. With just 29 dominoes, you can take down the Empire State Building (and more). From New York, a special issue on self-help. From Democracy, everyone's fight: A symposium on the new plan to defeat Big Money. Vocal fry and valley girls: Why old men find young women's voices so annoying. If judges aren’t politicians, what are they? Cass R. Sunstein wants to know. From Edge, an interview with Daniel C. Dennett on the normal well-tempered mind. Recent weeks have birthed the strangest strain of commentary: The Republican Party's crazy opinions are President Obama's fault. From the Pennsylvania Gazette, Trey Popp on Home Depot Syndrome, the purple squirrel, and America’s job hunt rabbit hole. Jason Dorrier on forecasting the future: Ray Kurweil, Nate Silver and the market? From Public Eye, you can vote for the worst company of the year.