A new issue of Toska is out. Nikolay Marinov (Yale): Coups and Democracy. From Caribbean Beat, residents of tiny Petite Martinique in the Grenadine chain are like one big extended family, says Antonia MacDonald; and Internet memes offer idle entertainment, but Janine Mendes-Franco suggests they can also give serious social commentary. Not in 500 years has the world seen such revolutionary change as it is now witnessing: the Internet, genetic engineering, mass migration, climate change, worldwide economic dislocation, a new global elite, and more — yet our leaders don’t seem to take any of it seriously. Eric Lach on a history of the prepper paradise known as The Citadel (and more). Adieu, Aaron: He was a prodigy, a hacker, and a Robin Hood of knowledge — Scott McLemee recalls a friend who died too young. From Death Star petitions to AMAs: Angela Watercutter on great moments of Obama’s meme presidency. The 2012 Global GoTo Think Tank Report has been released. Do “the good rich” exist? Their ideas and platform are incredibly popular, so why are they on the verge of collapse? Ruth Margalit on why the Israeli Left is lost (or maybe not).