A new issue of Military Review is out. Roy Sugarman reviews Mind Wars: Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century by Jonathan D. Moreno. Military suicides at record high, far outnumbering combat deaths. Is the no-draft military creating a warrior class? Some fear all-volunteer force may desensitize US to effects of warfare. Paul Akers interviews Lewis Sorely, author of Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam. Fred Andrews reviews Bleeding Talent: How the US Military Mismanages Great Leaders and Why It’s Time for a Revolution by Tim Kane. Brad Plumer on America’s staggering defense budget, in charts. How much military is enough? Jill Lepore on the battle over military spending. Barney Frank on the new mandate on defense: No, it’s not to spend more — it’s to spend less, and liberals should not flinch from that position. Christian fundamentalists freak out over yoga in the military. The most satisfied military employees? Black women — the least satisfied are white men. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has lifted the military’s ban on women serving in combat. From Military History Monthly, Joe Knight looks at the life of Maria Dickin, founder of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) in 1917 and creator of the “animals’ Victoria Cross”.