Eleanor Wilkinson (Leeds): What’s Queer About Non-monogamy Now? Kevin Jon Heller (Melbourne): The Role of the International Prosecutor. From the Los Angeles Review of Books, Ariana Kelly the phantom phone booth. More evidence emerges that "hobbits" were a separate species. For years, researchers have puzzled over why Viking descendents abandoned Greenland in the late 15th century, but archaeologists now believe that economic and identity issues, rather than starvation and disease, drove them back to their ancestral homes. Tax reform a la 1986 may not be possible in today's political environment, but tax standardization is a goal within reach in 2013. The Dewey Decimal System, and where innovation goes wrong: The innovation paradox is the need to find answers we didn't know we needed, from places we didn't know to look — the very antithesis of what we often do. Stewart Brand is credited with coining the phrase "information wants to be free"; in the wake of the suicide of 26-year-old cyber activist Aaron Swartz, we need to re-evaluate that assumption. Steve Kolenberg on 6 ridiculous myths about the Middle Ages everyone believes. Bansky in Ukraine, maybe.