The inaugural issue of Bhutan’s The Raven is out. Imran Naseem, Kashif Rashid, and Shehla Zaman (CIIT): South Asia in the Globalized World. Nikolaos Biziouras (USNA): The Formation, Institutionalization and Consolidation of the LTTE: Religious Practices, Intra-Tamil Divisions and a Violent Nationalist Ideology. Maryam Shahid Khan (LUMS): Ethnic Federalism in Pakistan: Federal Design, Construction of Ethno-Linguistic Identity, and Group Conflict. From Guernica, recent Islamist politics have turned the holy month of Muharram into a time of battle; facing mounting violence, Karachi enters the Muslim year 1434 as a city under siege; and we call this progress: From a speech at the Earth at Risk conference, Arundhati Roy on the misuses of democracy and the revolutionary power of exclusion. A supposedly stupid thing I’d totally do again: There are easier ways to see India than pinned inside a tiny rickshaw — but to truly experience the country, that’s the way to go. Democracy takes root: As Bhutan prepares for its second-ever parliamentary elections in 2013, it can look back on five years of experimentation and internalization that have seen formal structures of democracy grow. Saleem H. Ali on ecological cooperation in South Asia: The way forward.