From Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, mapping the Left: Ethan Young on progressive politics in the United States. Paul Reynolds reviews Taking It Big: C. Wright Mills and the Making of Political Intellectuals by Stanley Aronowitz. The next Left: Jake Blumgart interviews Bhaskar Sunkara. This dossier takes its cue from one of the Occupy movement’s bedrock slogans, “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”. From Mother Jones, Andy Kroll reveals the massive new liberal plan to remake American politics: A month after President Obama won reelection, America's most powerful liberal groups met to plan their next moves. Hendrik Hertzberg on Obama and liberalism’s return. The Conservative Left: Obama is trying to seize conservatism from Republicans — should they become the new reformers? Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has taken on the role of liberal gatekeeper — trying to goad Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo away from the Democratic center. How gun culture won over liberals: The new “gun nuts” — media elites, locavores, and hipster hunters. Michael Lind on liberalism’s unfinished agenda. Why I am a liberal: Rick Perlstein on how it is liberals who have been at the forefront of struggles for freedom and liberty. Kevin Carson on why he doesn't much like liberals.