Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Citizenship and Dignity; and Is Dignity the Foundation of Human Rights? John Tasioulas (UCL): Justice, Equality, and Rights. Mauro Bussani (Trieste) and Ugo Mattei (UC-Hastings): Democracy and the Western Legal Tradition. Martha Albertson Fineman (Emory): Beyond Identities: The Limits of an Antidiscrimination Approach to Equality. Thom Brooks (Durham): The Capabilities Approach and Political Liberalism. Loren King (Wilfrid Laurier): Seeing Like a Theorist. Fabio Macioce (LUMSA): Self-Determination and Social Order. Evan Fox-Decent (McGill): Unseating Unilateralism. From Public Reason, a special issue on “Global Justice: Norms and Limits”. Martin Jay gives three George L. Mosse Lectures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, titled "After the Eclipse: The Light of Reason in Late Critical Theory". Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Yale University, presents her lecture, entitled “Transnational Legal Spheres and the Construction(s) of ‘Cultural’ Difference”. Duncan Money reviews Empire and Modern Political Thought, ed. Sankar Muthu. Sevgi Dogan on the problem of the individual in the modern state.