From Grantland, from a new series on the Winners' History of Rock and Roll, here is part 1: Led Zeppelin, part 2: Kiss, part 3: Bon Jovi, and part 4: Aerosmith. Did the American songbook kill jazz? Jazz has venerated its own traditions for so long that the music seems stale and the audience is gone. Can recordings of classical music ever be in concert with concert hall performances? The quasi-Marxist pop star: A listen to Ke$ha’s body of work suggests that there is much more going on under the surface than is perhaps apparent at first glance. Mary McCarthy writes in defense of Air Supply: Making love and 70s soft rock sonnets out of nothing at all. Benjamin Shapiro on reasons why it's impossible to get laid on tour. Research suggests alternative music taste in teens predicts criminal behavior. Mark my words, internet: melodica virtuosity will have its day on YouTube.