From the Journal of Democracy, Olivier Roy (EUI): There Will Be No Islamist Revolution; and Hillel Fradkin (Hudson): Arab Democracy or Islamist Revolution? From Qantara, an interview with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi; and an interview with Egyptian political scientist Ammar Ali Hassan ''The Constitution is a catastrophe''. Two years after the beginning of the Arab Spring, the promise of revolutions remains unclear; what we have learned: social media is a very inadequate tool for revolutionary change. The Arab Spring and the Internet: Roundup of recent studies that bring a scholarly, data-driven lens to questions around the Arab Spring. As the chaotic transition towards democracy continues in North Africa and Yemen, the fighting in Syria is intensifying — and, less noticed, opposition to the Arab monarchies is growing. This could be the birth of an independent Kurdish state: The great losers in the breakup of the Ottoman empire could be winners in the wake of Syria's civil war and the Arab spring.