Howard S. Schwartz (Oakland): The Anti-Bullying Movement and Anti-Oedipal Psychology. Stephen J. Choi (NYU), G. Mitu Gulati (Duke), and Eric A. Posner (Chicago): Altruism Exchanges and the Kidney Shortage. Autumn Whitefield-Madrano reviews The Beauty Experiment: How I Skipped Lipstick, Ditched Fashion, Faced the World Without Concealer, and Learned to Love the Real Me by Phoebe Baker Hyde. Sex and statutory uniformity: Myrisha S. Lewis on harmonizing the legal treatment of semen. Even the finest restaurants are serving coffee made with capsules — have we lost faith in the human touch? The Machiavelli of non-violence: In a long life of scholarship and dissent, Gene Sharp has been imprisoned and persecuted, but never silenced. Americanizing the Spice Isle's schools: Robert G. Zakula on educational development in post-invasion Grenada.