Per G. Fredriksson (Louisville) and Eric Neumayer (LSE): Democracy and Climate Change Policies: Is History Important? There are two ways to deal with climate change: mitigation and adaptation; Klaus Desmet and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg argues that in order to adapt, we need to take another look at migration. Mark Lynas offers five ways to view mankind as a global catastrophe. David Roberts on the unsophisticated reply to the “sophisticated objection” against raising the price of fossil-fuel energy. Susan Moran on the science and geopolitics of a warming Arctic: “Let's face it. Sea level (rise) is going to eat our lunch”. From Adbusters, from where will food and freedom come? Richard Neville on the biggest wake up call in history. IMF chief Christine Lagarde: “Unless we take action on climate change, future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried and grilled”.