Luis E. Chiesa and Alexander K. A. Greenawalt (Pace): Beyond War: Bin Laden, Escobar, and the Justification of Targeted Killing. Carol B. Schwalbe (Arizona): Visually Framing the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq in TIME, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report. Andreas Aagaard Nohr reviews The Iraq War: A Philosophical Analysis by Bassam Romaya. Recently unearthed documents and testimony reveal that the U.S.’s war crimes in Vietnam were far more widespread and egregious than previously known. “So many people died”: Nick Turse on the American system of suffering, 1965-2014. From Dissent, Michael Walzer on targeted killing and drone warfare. From ProPublica, Cora Currier on everything we know so far about drone strikes. Technology from libertarian futurists: Bring on the drones! Sandra I. Erwin on how political backlash not likely to diminish U.S. appetite for armed drones.