A new issue of Fathom is out. Ryan J. Suto (PSU): Small Nation, Big Questions: Bahrain After the Arab Spring. From Guernica, as the disappeared from the Kurdish-Turkish conflict are unearthed from unmarked graves, will the government help deliver justice? Patrick Wrigley wants to know. Obama can't get it right on the Arab Spring unless he holds Saudi Arabia to account. Arab Spring, Israeli Winter: William S. Lind interviews Martin van Creveld on what the Muslim uprisings mean for Israel. The Palestinian Authority has given itself a new name, the State of Palestine — is this a step toward making recognition at the U.N. a reality? Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi on the new generation and the future of the broader Middle East. Does Arab progress founder on an ossified language? We need to understand our history better — why did Arabs disappear from “our” science?