From the Journal of Philosophy of Life, William Irwin (King’s College): Liberation through Compassion and Kindness: The Buddhist Eightfold Path as a Philosophy of Life; and Jeff Noonan (Windsor): The Life-Value of Death: Mortality, Finitude, and Meaningful Lives. From the Journal of Economic Perspectives, a special section on patents. Here's a modest proposal — it's well past time we grow up, stop the carnage, and enjoy sex the way God intended. Gavin Mendel-Gleason interviews Paul Cockshott, author of Towards a New Socialism and Classical Econophysics. What lasts? Sarah Ruden on the work of editor and critic Roger Kimball. Fox News' Roger Ailes wants more Latino viewers — his employees don’t seem to agree. Theodore George reviews Utopia of Understanding: Between Babel and Auschwitz by Donatella Ester Di Cesare. Ye Olde Blogge Postte: Jessica Love on an ironic phrase with an ironic past.