A new issue of Essays in Philosophy is out. Maren Behrensen (LIU): Can the Amoralist Be Your Friend? Bruno Guindon (McGill): Buck-Passers and Thick Reasons. Brent G. Kyle (ASAF): How Are Thick Terms Evaluative? Thom Brooks (Durham): Philosophy Unbound: The Idea of Global Philosophy. Lisa N Guenther on reading Plato on death row. Jonathan Simmons reviews Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations by Jules Evans. “Wad Some Power The Giftie Gie Us”: Tim Madigan takes up a very gentlemanly system of morals. “Philosophy has lost its way”: Mark C. Taylor on his book Rewiring the Real: In Conversation with William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don DeLillo. Katie Steckles on Principia Mathematica, the Musical. A previously unrecognized moral principle was discovered last week at the University of Mesa.