Cornelius Puschmann (Humboldt) and Jean Burgess (QUT): The Politics of Twitter Data. Steven R. Swanson (Hamline): Forcing Facebook on Foreign Dictators: A Violation of International Law? From TNR, can social media solve real-world problems? Future Perfect author Steven Johnson takes Evgeny Morozov to task for his critical book review. Apple, Google and Facebook’s new HQs: Do tech companies’ headquarters live up to the cool innovation of their products? From Wired, Tom Vanderbilt on the future of search. Ben Shipper on the market definition of Google Search. Cade Metz on how Google and Facebook will make the leap to lightspeed. Do LOLcats date back to the Middle Ages? That's the case philologist Nicole Eddy is trying to make. Tales of the Old Wild Web: Gather 'round, little ether-lads and digi-lassies, and let grandpa tell you about the cyberdays of old.