Ioannis Koutsaftikis , Nikolaos Nanas, and Manolis Vavalis (Thessaly): Front-paging Online Newspapers. C.W. Anderson on how journalists’ self-concepts hindered their adaptation to a digital world. The market for online news journalism has dissipated — it’s time to reconsider journalism as a project of the commons. Two years ago, the New York Times introduced its paywall — today, we can use the insights of behavioral science to say what works and what doesn't. Is Wikipedia a real-time news source? After a mass shooting or natural disaster, Wikipedia’s volunteers are on the story within hours and make thousands of edits in the first days. Facebook as a reporting tool: The new graph search gives journalists a way to construct a trend story without picking up the phone — is this a good thing? Celebrities have been selling tweets to advertisers for years now; now the Associated Press is giving it a try.