Ingar Solty (York): Dear Left: The NRA Is Right — The Mass Shooter as High-Achiever: Historical-Materialist Considerations on the Resistible Fall of James Holmes and the Pathologization and Culturalization of the Cinema Massacre in Aurora, Colorado. Of cannibals, kings and culture: Adam Etinson on the problem of ethnocentricity. During the year it went public, Facebook made $1.1 billion in profits, but thanks to some nifty accounting, the company won't be paying any federal or state taxes on it — instead, it will actually be receiving a federal tax refund of about $429 million. Wisdom on the web: Robert Cottrell, editor of the Browser website, shares what he has learnt from reading lots of the internet every day. Cass Sunstein remembers Ronald Dworkin, the most important legal philosopher of our time. Tom McGeveran on how Marty Peretz forgets himself.