Peter Chow-White (Simon Fraser) and Sandy Green, Jr. (CSU-Northridge): Data Mining Difference in the Age of Big Data: Communication and the Social Shaping of Genome Technologies from 1998 to 2007. Barbara J. Evans (Houston): The First Amendment Right to Speak about the Human Genome. Jonathan Xavier Inda (Illinois): For Blacks Only: Pharmaceuticals, Genetics, and the Racial Politics of Life. What is bioinformatics? Mark Ragan explains. How many species had their genomes sequenced? Thanks to cheaper, faster sequencing, we can look at any genome. Could Obama’s genetic code be used against him? It’s time to stop obsessing about the dangers of genetic information: People are smarter and more resilient than ethics debates give them credit for. Can they patent your genes? Epigenetics: New research suggests that people's experiences, not just their genes, can affect the biological legacy of their offspring.