Mitsuharu Vincent Okada (Hawaii): The Plight of Ainu, Indigenous People of Japan. From World Affairs, Robert Park on North Korea’s overlooked atrocities; and Joel Brinkley on South Korea’s youth: Fearless or bored? Frenemies Forever: China and North Korea share a real bond — but for how long? The Pandora’s Box of sovereignty conflicts: Lionel Fatton on far-reaching regional consequences of Japan’s nationalization of the Senkakus. Powder keg in the Pacific: Will China-Japan-U.S. tensions in the Pacific ignite a conflict and sink the global economy? There is an opportunity to fill in the G-zero world with new structures not invented in Washington, but that will take leadership and foresight from Japan and Asia more broadly. Namrata Goswami and Jenee Sharon on time to bridge Sino-Indian border differences. James R. Holmes on the top 5 navies of the Indo-Pacific.