Jonas-Sabastien Beaudry (Oxford): Of Apes and Men. From WSJ, we, too, are violent animals: Jane Goodall, Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson on how those who doubt that human aggression is an evolved trait should spend more time with chimpanzees and wolves. For how long will we be able to study our closest genetic relatives in the wild? W. G. Runciman reviews Wild Cultures: A Comparison Between Chimpanzee and Human Cultures by Christophe Boesch. Government scientists in the U.S. are set to end most research done on chimps. Why are we the last apes standing? Chip Walter on how childhood let modern humans conquer the planet. When did primates learn to metabolize alcohol? A chemist reenacts drunk history. Cynthia Wagner on apes and futurists. Macaque and Dagger in the Simian Space Race: Why does the U.S. suspect Iran of faking their monkey space flight? Because we did it first. As study finds most radiologists don’t notice a gorilla in a CT scan.