Susanne Gratius and Miriam Gomes Saraiva (CEPS): Continental Regionalism: Brazil's Prominent Role in the Americas. Par Engstrom (UCL): Rising Brazil: What Role for Human Rights? Stuart Vincent Campbell (Minnesota): Brazil, Blasphemy, and Free Speech: Why the US Must Maintain Strong Freedom of Expression Protections in Spite of International Pressure to Punish Anti-Religious Hate Speech. Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice is now opening branches in Brazil. Pastor Benny Hinn's son detained for allegedly beating man at Brazilian crusade. From Boston Review, Leonardo Avritzer examines Brazil's experiments with direct democracy via the revival of national conferences; and F. Daniel Hidalgo looks at electronic voting in Brazil. Brazil’s indigenous affairs department (FUNAI) has announced that it will send a team of specialists to investigate the situation of uncontacted Awa, the “world’s most threatened tribe”. It’s raining spiders in Brazil.