Randy Barnett (Georgetown): Who Won the Obamacare Case (and Why Did so Many Law Professors Miss the Boat)? Josh Blackman (South Texas): Popular Constitutionalism and the Affordable Care Act. Jonathan H. Adler (CWRU): The Future of Health Care Reform Remains in Federal Court. Roger D. Congleton and Rinaldo Pietrantonio (WVU): The Electoral Politics of Complex Healthcare Systems. Louise Sheiner (FRB): Why the Geographic Variation in Health Care Spending Can't Tell Us Much about the Efficiency or Quality of Our Health Care System. From Time, a cover story on why medical bills are killing us. Jonathan Cohn on how technology is about to revolutionize health care — how far will automation go, and will doctors still be necessary? Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Avik Roy on the future of free-market healthcare. How to survive the ObamaCare Apocalypse: Conservative book publishing has a new favorite product — American Care Act survival guides.