Ernesto Verdeja (Notre Dame): The Political Science of Genocide: Outlines of an Emerging Research Agenda. Beyond Barbados: The Caribbean island is turning to its rich history in a bid to attract tourists seeking more than white sand and rum punch. From The Nation, David Cole on what's wrong with Obama's drone policy: The White House evidently believes it can kill us in secret and never own up to the fact; and even if we like President Obama, do we want him to be a one-man death panel? Katha Pollitt on how America doesn’t torture — it kills. Mark Ames on American Assassination for Dummies. From The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things, what is this thing? A series. Black is beautiful: Lisa Hix on why black dolls matter. Sam McNerney on the Sartre Fallacy, or being irrational about reason. Meet Fairfax Man, the World’s Second Worst Superhero.