Nicholas A. Mirkay (Creighton): Globalism, Public Policy, and Tax-Exempt Status: Are U.S. Charities Adrift at Sea? The Pop Culture Death Trap: Graeme Abernethy on the athlete as hieroglyph and the death of beauty. Grassroots multilingualism: What does an urban middle-class male university graduate from Conakry, the capital of Guinea, have in common with a peasant woman with little education from a village in Sichuan? Conservative expert on religious freedom issues Ken Klukowski believes that President Barack Obama has headed "the most hostile" administration to religious freedom in American history. An irresistible force is once again beckoning from deep below the Sierra Nevada foothills, as California prepares for its second gold rush — at the vanguard: A new breed of prospectors who are forsaking cushy desk jobs to go in search of untold wealth.