Richard Arnold (Muskingum): Where's the Diplomacy in Diplomacy? Using a Classic Board Game to Teach Introduction to International Relations. Mohamed Osman Akasha (UEA): Evolution of Diplomacy. Steven A. Zyck (York) and Robert Muggah (PUC-RIO): Preventive Diplomacy and Conflict Prevention: Obstacles and Opportunities. From Public Diplomacy, a special issue on sports diplomacy, including Stuart Murray on moving beyond the ping-pong table. How US basketball player Kevin Sheppard ended up a cultural diplomat in Iran. From American Diplomacy, Mark Dillen reviews The Decline and Fall of the United States Information Agency: American Public Diplomacy, 1989-2001 by Nicholas Cull; Peter Bridges on high time to end our diplomatic spoils system; and Jon Dorschner on American diplomacy in a dangerous world. Gail Scott on the Consular Corps — behind the scenes, but on front line of diplomacy.