Deirdre M. Bowen (Seattle): I Wanna Marry You: An Empirical Analysis of the Irrelevancy and Distraction of DOMAs. Allison Benedikt reviews How to Choose a Husband: And Make Peace With Marriage by Suzanne Venker. Tim Parks writes in praise of the language police. Francesco Chiesa and Ronald Barnett offers an imaginative approach to the idea of the university: “feasible utopias” that open up possibilities for renewal beyond the dominant ideas of the market and the pessimistic reactions they elicit. Raymond T. Pierrehumbert on the myth of “Saudi America”: Straight talk from geologists about our new era of oil abundance. Nathan Emmerich reviews The Philosophical Foundations of Modern Medicine by Keekok Lee. The loneliest town in America: Despite being a perfectly pleasant place to be, Loyalton can't seem to attract any visitors.