From LSE Review of Books, Paul Bernal reviews Social Media As Surveillance: Rethinking Visibility in a Converging World by Daniel Trottier. From The Nation, you are what you click: Why privacy and anonymity are being violated online by an unstoppable process of data profiling. From The Atlantic Monthly, as our attention shifts to mobile phones and their smaller screens ads are becoming vastly less effective — companies built on ad revenues, like Google and Facebook, should start to sweat; and Emily Bazelon on how to stop the bullies: The inside account of the companies, scientists, and hackers who are hunting for solutions to the scourge of online harassment. Don’t be a stranger: Adrian Chen on how social media keep old friends close, but the Web used to be for strangers. Coming of age with the Internet: Jacob Savage on remembering Web 1.0. Soren Bowie on 3 despicable Internet behaviors (that are really your fault).