The inaugural issue of Stability journal is out, including Roger Mac Ginty (Manchester): Against Stabilization; Nat J. Colletta (New College): Interim Stabilisation in Fragile Security Situations; Alexandra Trzeciak-Duval and Erwin van Veen (OECD): Globalisation with a Twist: Stability, Volatility and Fragility All in One. Seth Kaplan on what the OECD does not understand about fragile states. From Peace Policy, Ernesto Verdeja on identifying and stopping genocide. When it comes to R2P are the institutions designed some 60 years ago still the best way to represent the “international community”? Adrian Franco reviews The Emergence of Humanitarian Intervention: Concepts and Practices in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Europe may be the last superpower (don’t laugh!): They probably aren’t the best choice for the world’s policeman, but they may be the only one we’ve got (and more).