Luke McDonagh (LSE): Copyright, Contract and Consequences. From First Things, Gilles Bernheim on homosexual marriage, parenting, and adoption: The Chief Rabbi of France says what we often forget to say; and David Bentley Hart on is, ought, and nature’s laws. Tempted to read just one more email before you sleep? Don't. Ross Douthat and the young Marx: Evan Burger on why Marx loved work — and we should, too (and a response). From Guernica, Matthew Cunningham-Cook interviews Patricia Williams on dissent, privatization, and the future of racial equity; and Katherine Dykstra interviews Emily Bazelon on the evolution of Internet bullying, resilience of underdogs, and the promise of today’s teens. The Napoleon Chagnon Wars flare up again in anthropology. Marc Ambinder on the 5 secret code words that define our era.