From The Atlantic, Peter Osnos on the enduring myth of the “free” Internet: We somehow have come to believe that information is free, but people with Internet access pay substantial sums to get it — sums many can't afford. Massimo Pigliucci on how information doesn’t want to be free. Michael V. Copeland on why the Internet needs a Plan B. Stop pretending cyberspace exists: Treating the Internet as a mythical country makes us dumber. Is smart making us dumb? A revolution in technology is allowing previously inanimate objects — from cars to trash cans to teapots — to talk back to us and even guide our behavior; but how much control are we willing to give up? The Quantified Man: Klint Finley on how an obsolete tech guy rebuilt himself for the future. Mark Hurst on the Google Glass feature no one is talking about. Goodbye MSN, messenger of the nineties: you completed me.