Gerhard Michael Ambrosi (Trier): Aristotelian Accounting. Whether it’s drinking coffee in Seattle, smoking hookah in Istanbul, sipping sake in Tokyo, or eating ibogaine in the jungles of Cameroon, drug use is deeply ingrained in the cultural traditions of humanity. Look inside any book published since 1970 and you will find the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) — but perhaps not for much longer. Beyond Kickstarter: May Honan on why one site shouldn’t dominate crowdfunding. Peter Christoff interviews Jared Diamond on The World Until Yesterday. What do the violent obliteration of New York City and the self-destruction of the police have in common? According to The Anti-Banality Union, these are two key motifs in “Hollywood’s dream diary”. Obama will abolish the suburbs: Jeff Turrentine on the Agenda 21 conspiracy to “wipe out freedoms of all U.S. citizens”.