Peter Csato (Debrecen): Pragmatism and Circumvention: Richard Rorty’s Rhetorical Appropriation of Jacques Derrida. Jeffrey Guhin and Jonathan Wyrtzen (Yale): The Violences of Knowledge: Edward Said, Sociology, and Post-Orientalist Reflexivity. Dominik Bartmanski (Yale): How to Become an Iconic Social Thinker: The Intellectual Pursuits of Malinowski and Foucault. Samuel Grove interviews John Marks on the critical theory of Michel Foucault. Ryan Singh Paul reviews Alain Badiou: Key Concepts. John Barker reviews Class War Games Presents: Guy Debord’s The Game of War by Richard Barbrook and Fabian Tompsett. The introduction to The Incident at Antioch: A Tragedy in Three Acts by Alain Badiou. An interview with Clayton Crockett, author of Deleuze Beyond Badiou: Ontology, Multiplicity, and Event. Which contemporary intellectual generates more words than any other?