Steve H. Hanke and Nicholas E. Krus (Johns Hopkins): World Hyperinflations. From The New Inquiry, Kate Zambreno on melancholy and the infinite sadness. The Making of Pulp Fiction: How did Quentin Tarantino, a high-school dropout and former video-store clerk, change the face of modern cinema? Mark Seal takes the director, his producers, and his cast back in time, to 1993. What can the travels of pilgrims, soldiers and merchants in the Middle Ages teach students about the conflict-ridden and interconnected world in which they live today? Charles Wolf Jr. on taxing the nonprofits — a modest proposal. From Authors at Google, a talk by Peter Singer. Louis Kahn had more or less completed his designs for Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park when he died in 1974; it finally opened last fall to glowing reviews — but it could easily have been a disaster.