Travis Patten (Utah Valley): The Purification of Love: Heavenly Ascent from Plato to Dante. Why we have heads: Bundling brains, nerves has its tradeoffs. From First of the Month, Benj DeMott writes within the context of Obama; and Eugene Goodheart on the principle of political compromise. People take refuge in drama when the bombs rain down, and the arts aid rebuilding when the guns fall silent, says James Thompson, who has travelled to some of the world's most violent regions, only for the horrors of conflict to be felt closer to home. Bhaskar Sunkara on Hugo Chavez: Despot or saint? Subcultures are forming across the borders of time, and the notion of a temporalism is a subculture we are not nearly as prepared to recognize — but we might, very soon. Buying un-American: Aram Roston on how a bribery case spotlights DoD’s covert effort to obtain foreign weapons.