Richard Houessou (IREEP): How to Make Governments More Responsive in Africa? From Pambazuka News, a special issue on Western Sahara: Africa's last colony revisited. What is colonial science? Alice Conklin reviews Africa as a Living Laboratory by Helen Tilley and Professer l’Empire by Pierre Singaravelou. Africa’s circular politics: Following the deeply destructive experience of colonialism, Africans must rethink their approach to modernization. Is this the century of Africa's rise? The Sub-Saharan Scenario: Sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise, but don't celebrate yet. The inexorable end of the Africa story: Is all the excitement about the future of Africa's economy really justified or is it mostly just a commodities story? “The growth and GDP numbers are guesses”: Iain Marlow interviews Morten Jerven, author of Poor Numbers: How We Are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do About It.