Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan): Behavioral Ethics Meets Behavioral Law and Economics. From Aeon, when we peer into the fog of the deep future what do we see — human extinction or a future among the stars? From Contents magazine, chance is a good librarian: An interview with Alberto Manguel, author of The Library at Night (and more). From International Viewpoint, Terry Conway on socialist feminism: Hidden from history. Cyber Fail: The Obama administration's approach to cyber security has been a disaster. You could say that this has been the winter of David Barton's discontent. From Vice, Sarah Jaffe on the history of Scabby the Rat. James K. Glassman on how Dow 36,000 is attainable again. Mission unaccomplished: Peter Van Buren on why the invasion of Iraq was the single worst foreign policy decision in American history.