Georg Erber (DIW Berlin): Towards a New Theory of Value? From the Journal of Australian Political Economy, a special issue on capital against capitalism: New research in Marxist political economy. Enrico C. Perotti (Amsterdam): The Political Economy of Finance. From Renewal, a review essay on histories of debt by James Stafford. John Gray reviews The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future by Geoff Mulgan. From the Roman Empire to our own Gilded Age, inequality moves in cycles — the future looks like a rough ride. Morning Jo(k)e: Joe Scarborough and the Beltway austerians think Nobelist Paul Krugman is a nut — really, Joe? Eric Schliesser on when Larry Summers was just an Imperialist Economist and a footnote to Derrida. Tyler Cowen on the cosmopolitan and civil libertarian core of economics. What happened to Econ 101? Richard C. Longworth wonders.