Jane Chin Davidson (Houston): Displacements of the Desiring Machine. Mail models: Moshe Z. Marvit and Jason Bacasa on how letter carriers might save your grandma. Rick Perlstein on Right and Left in Democratic politics — the long view: The party has always harbored conservatives and sell-outs to big business and pro-austerity boosters — the point is not to deny them, but to beat them. Should age matter? Tamara Mann on how 65 came to be old and old came to be ill. Calls in Massachusetts to criminalize sagging pants are racist and repressive; a coalition of groups has come together to oppose these efforts. Caroline Varin reviews Intelligence in an Insecure World by Peter Gill and Mark Phythian. You can sign up for Dan Ariely’s free online class on Coursera, A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior.