Ilan Shrira (Loyola), Arnaud Wisman (Kent), and Gregory Webster (Florida): Guns, Germs, and Stealing: Exploring the Link Between Infectious Disease and Crime. Samuel R. Gross (Michigan): How Many False Convictions are There? How Many Exonerations are There? Beth Schwartzapfel investigates the wrongful conviction of Rodney Stanberry, who remains in prison for the murder of Valerie Finley despite clear evidence that another person is responsible. Richard Rosenfeld and Steven F. Messner on a social welfare critique of contemporary crime control. Dylan Matthews interviews Mark Kleiman on why we need to solve our alcohol problem to solve our crime problem. Maurice Chammah on the minority report of David Powell: The story behind a defining case and the transformation of death penalty trials in the U.S. Beth Schwartzapfel on how prosecutors are freeing the prisoners they put behind bars.